FLEXFiiT Program

FLEXFiiT specializes in high intensity circuit training. In a 45 minute FLEXFiiT class you will see high intensity training including jumping, rowing, running, biking, strength training, and functional fitness movements. It is a fitness cocktail mix of H.I.I.T, strength training, and some good old fashioned cardio.

This program provides fitness classes led by an instructor who will motivate, guide, and ultimately transport you to a new fitness level filled with results and a good time.

If you are looking for something new, FLEXFiiT will provide you with a fresh new routine every single day, as no day is EVER the same!

Crossfitter Stories

CrossFit has been a full-on addiction for me. My lifestyle is so much better because of it. I eat better, feel better and look better. Every day I look forward to that hour or two after work where I can just hang out with my friends and let off some steam in a workout. The best part of this is that I get to have friendly competition with others, and most importantly myself.

I see myself improving every single day just by showing up. I have so much more to say but, it is difficult to put into words. It’s all in my heart. CrossFit Queens is in my heart.

~ Chikki Mok, CrossFit Queens Member

Crossfit queens

CrossFit Queens is Astoria’s oldest, most well-known fitness gym. Conveniently located right off the N/W train at Astoria Blvd, our location is easy to get to from every corner of the borough. We will provide you with strength and conditioning training, nutrition education, and a supportive and exciting experience bolstered through our inclusive and friendly community. We also host frequent seminars and special events on weekends. With over 80 classes per week, CFQ offers the most fitness classes in Astoria.

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