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September 17th, 2011

WOD 9486


The Athletes Of CrossFit Queens


“Fight Gone Bad” 6
3 rounds
1 min Wallball 20lbs/14lbs
1 min SDHP 75lbs/55lbs
1 min 24″/20″ Box Jump
1 min 75lbs/55 lbs Push Press
1 min Calorie row
1 min Rest

RX & Scaling Options
A: Mens Rx’d, B: Women’s Rx’d, C Additional Scale
Box Jump:
A/B: 20″, C: 16″, D: 12″
A: 75lbs, B: 55lbs, C: 35lbs
Wall Ball:
A: 20lb/10′, B: 14lb/10′, C: 10lb and/or 8′ or 10′ target
No Scales
Push Press:

A: 75lbs, B: 55lbs, C: 35lbs


– Today’s festivities will run from 10am – 1pm which includes several heats of the workout, ceremony and BBQ. Don’t forget to bring something to eat post WOD.
– Heats will be announced upon arrival. Show up at 9:30 so you can be properly warmed up when the first heat kicks off.


38 CrossFit Queens athletes came together to raise $3,768.00 during FGB 6, putting us in 139th place out of every CrossFit box participating!. All the proceeds will go towards the “Special Operations Warriors Foundation”, “CrossFit Kids”, and “Camp Patriot” Here is a special shoutout to our top donors! Best of luck today to all participants.

Top 3 Fundraisers (Male)

Player Photo Ryan Daly $540.00
Player Photo John Garuti $410.00
Player Photo Lon Bazelais $300.00

Top 3 Fundraisers (Female)

Player Photo Jessica Levy $208.00
Player Photo Mamie Frank $200.00
Player Photo Sarah Lobotsky $175.00


  • LL

    To my CFQ family doing FGB – kill that shit!!
    Sorry I can’t be there too!
    Just remember it’s not sweat it’s liquid awesome!!!

  • Adam


  • Rachel

    No bbq for me…:(
    i think my fgb score was 181 rx…i have no idea what happened to my push presses, they’re usually where my numbers get jacked up. Fried arms from the other night?!
    That was quite a day at Crossfit Queens, the gym was pumpin’ and Jess and Derek got engaged!!! All around awesome! Congrats guys!

  • Ryan

    FGB6: 201
    Previous June 1, 2011: 160

    Thanks Dominick, Erin, Ben, Scott and Eileen for judging and encouragement and everyone else for cheering. Proud to be a part of CFQ.

  • John G

    Great times, food, and company! Now it is time for a serious siesta!

  • Ben McCormack

    FGB6: 220
    Previous (6/1/2011): 203 (Not Rx)

    Fight Gone Bad is brutal, but today was awesome! Thanks CFQ!

  • Kevin

    Awesome day at CFQ.
    Rx: 268
    Pretty sure it helped to start a box jumps and be reasonably fresh for those each round.
    Congrats to Derek & Jess! CFQ made my body sweat…you guys made my eyes sweat! Or maybe I just got some chalk in my eye.

  • Jess

    What a day, yesterday!! Definitely one to remember, and happy to share with our CFQ family.

    FGB last year (Aug 2010): 151 @ 33#
    FGB yesterday (Sept 2011): 185 Rx

    Best. Day. Ever.

  • dominick

    255… thanks to everyone. You made my first fight gone bad memorable. Is it possible to get our break out by round/exercise? I made a deal with Terita that next year she would break 200 and me 300 and I’d like to know where to focus.